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If alcohol or drug use is affecting your health, happiness or wellbeing – we can help.

Want to understand more about your drinking or drug use levels? Take our self-assessment quizzes:

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Our focus is always on you, and how we can best support you to reach your goals and live the life you want, free from the negative effects of alcohol or drugs.

ResoLUTiONs Luton is free to use and confidential. Why not visit us for a tour of our facilities and to have an informal chat about how we can support you on your recovery journey? Alternatively, you can self-refer and a member of our team will contact you.

Adult Self-Referral

Young Person Self-Referral

The support you can receive at a ResoLUTiONs includes:

– Structured treatment interventions including groups and counselling
– Access to pathways into inpatient and community detox/residential rehabilitation
– Criminal Justice Interventions
– Hospital Alcohol Liaison Service
– Online support
– Substitute Opiate Prescribing
– Blood Borne Virus Interventions & Needle Exchange
– Access to Education, Training & Employment
– Aftercare Support

Preparing for your first appointment with us

If it’s your first time accessing treatment services it might feel a little daunting, but our friendly staff will put you at ease. On arrival at the service, you’ll be greeted by one of our expert recovery workers, who will work with you to explore the level of support you need and your preferred treatment options. There will be time to consider your individual and family needs, and look at the support available both within the service, and the wider community in which you live.