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Are you worried about someone who has drug and alcohol problems?

ResoLUTiONs provide various different types of support and whatever your needs, we will be able to point you in the right direction to get the appropriate help and advice.

For example, you may benefit from one-to-one support or you might prefer to join a group where you can share your experiences and gain support from others who are tackling similar problems. Whatever you choose to do, you are guaranteed a warm welcome and an opportunity to talk about your concerns with someone who understands your worries and can guide you towards practical solutions and support.

If you would like to refer someone to our service, please fill out the appropriate form:

Adult Referral

Young Person Referral

Support for you

We know that having the support of a family member or friend makes a huge difference to someone’s chances of making positive changes in their life. However, supporting someone who has health needs, such as an addiction or mental health problems, can put families under huge strain.

Most people feel overwhelmed by trying to cope with someone else’s mental health or addiction problems (they often occur together). Talking to others who know about what you are going through can really help you deal with these worries. Our service can help you protect your own quality of life, health and wellbeing and can give you the strength to help the person you care about tackle their problems too. Don’t suffer in silence and isolation.