Sprouting Out Celebration Event

The environmental charity Groundwork East has been running their Sprouting Out programme for the past two years in the Bedfordshire area. In April Groundwork kindly decided to launch the programme at the new ResoLUTiONs Recovery Hub. Sprouting Out helps residents at the Hub to be a little bit more self-sufficient. Clients avoid hunger and learn the life skills they need to be able to move on and live independently.

In a celebration of thanks to all the partners and participants who have made the project their own, an event was held at the ResoLUTiONS Hub.

Participants from other sites travelled to the Hub and everyone tucked into fresh food at the start of the event – prepared by the volunteers. They prepared produce grown from the sites, sprinkled with their new cooking skills and received compliments aplenty.

After the delicious food, it was a time to reflect on the project itself. The group heard from Groundwork, project partners and a participant from last year. Everyone had a different story to tell, but it was clear all had gained significantly.

After the speeches and thanks were over, there was time to discuss each others projects, swap seeds,  join in a taste-testing workshop and look at the photographs and reflect on a fantastic two years.

Gemma Lyon, Service Manager for Druglink said: “The Sprouting Out programme has been a huge success at the ResoLUTiONs Recovery Hub. Groundwork has helped to support our residents and service users in learning new landscaping skills, which has enabled our garden area to be completely transformed. Volunteers are now able to grow their own vegetables on site and understand about the nutritious meals that can be made. Importantly we have seen how the volunteers engaged in the sessions so positively and have grown in confidence week by week. We can’t wait to work in partnership with Groundwork next year when we welcome the Green Skills project on site.”


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