Naloxone training in action

Naloxone training in action

In the same week as our story on Naloxone training at ResoLUTiONs, the newly-taught Naloxone administering skills were put into action by our Recovery Coordinator, Tahir.

“The client wasn’t due until the following week but came in to see me that evening” explains Tahir. After the client struggled to give a urine sample, both they and Tahir retreated to the key work room where the client started to show signs of overdose. “I called their name and the client came round slightly, saying they were tired. They kept slipping in and out of consciousness but responding to external stimuli.” An ambulance was called whilst Tahir and colleagues confirmed that the client was still breathing and Naloxone was administered intramuscularly in their thigh. The client came round within a minute and was taken in an ambulance. The client is doing well and contacted Tahir the following day to thank him.

“I just went into autopilot” remembers Tahir. “Although I didn’t panic, the only thing I was worried about was the client. It was a great team effort and I’m relieved we were provided with the Naloxone training within the first week of ResoLUTiONs’ launch. This gave me confidence to administer the dose.”

Remember, #NaloxoneSavesLives. Contact us if you’re interested in free Naloxone training. 


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