The four-month mark!

ResoLUTiONs Luton has been open for 4 months. In this time we’ve managed to build up an efficient team, trained everyone on Naloxone and distributed nearly 200 kits to professionals and the public, as well as making sure all staff that came across from other local services were happy. A resounding success!

We caught up with Jo, our Young Persons Team Leader, to talk about TUPE anxieties and how she’s feeling now that the dust is finally settling.

“TUPE was a scary process. It was a surprise to everyone that after 30+ years on the Luton map, 5 organisations would cease operation and merge into ResoLUTiONs. At first it was difficult to imagine, and quite terrifying. With changes like that it is natural to feel anxious about your future within a new organisation.

CGL eased this anxiety with transparency and communication. Even now, communication is brilliant and you can get a response from anyone pretty quickly.

For me, the clearest thing is if you work hard, with dedication and focus, you can move up quickly. In 3 months I have become secondment team leader. This would not have been possible in my old organisation. CGL is so big that opportunities arise all the time and I know I can grow further professionally.

My personal advice for anyone moving over from another provider is: if you decide to move within TUPE process to CGL you need to maintain a positive attitude. It will get better with time and all of the wrinkles will soon be ironed out. Think about moving forward as if it were a new employer and you’re on a probationary period. Do your best to shine brightly as there are many opportunities to grow within CGL.”


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