Young people

Drugs and alcohol often play a significant role in the lives of young people, whether that be curiosity, experimentation, recreational or problematic use and very infrequently, dependent use. At ResoLUTiONs we offer a tailored young people service for those under 25. This includes support around substance misuse treatment, early intervention, wellbeing, offending, advocacy and parental drug or alcohol use.

If we support young people now it may stop them making decisions they may later regret. That’s why we focus on providing friendly, non-judgemental advice and support so that young people can make better-informed lifestyle choices.

We view all young people as individuals and recognise you have your own strengths, aims, and ambitions. The support we offer is therefore centred on the different needs of each young person, taking account of interests, culture, faith and beliefs. Ultimately we focus on your needs, not our expectations.

If you can’t get to our service, we can come to you. At home, school, in a youth centre, or any other venue where you feel comfortable. Just let us know.

ResoLUTiONs covers:

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Offending behaviour
  • Mental health
  • Family support
  • Someone else’s drug or alcohol use (also known as ‘hidden harm’)
  • Independent advocacy and visiting

Referring to our service is easy. You can refer yourself or someone else by filling in our online referral form, calling us, sending us an email or visiting us.

If you are considering referring someone else, it’s important that you have their consent as we cannot accept referrals without this. We are more than happy to support this decision by providing young people with more information on what to expect and their various options, but ultimately the decision is theirs to make. We accept referrals from anyone including parents or carers, GPs and teachers – with the consent of the young person.

We deal with all referrals at the earliest opportunity and aim to contact you to discuss your referral within 2 working days and offer assessment within 5 working days.



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ResoLUTiONs: 0800 054 6603
ResoLUTiONs Recovery Hub: 01582 965 123