What we do

Recovery Coordination

It does exactly what it says on the tin – Recovery Coordinators coordinate recovery! They listen and provide support. They can refer within the service, or to external services in the community. This can cover anything from housing, to mental health, to education.

Ambulatory Detoxification

Service Users engaging on the programme receive support from a multi-disciplinary team, including ResoLUTiONs nurses who oversee the Service Users’ physical health; Assistant Psychologists who deliver the psychosocial interventions, and Recovery Champions who deliver acupuncture throughout the programme alongside support across the second week to ease the transition to an aftercare setting.

Needle Exchange

It is important that anyone who injects drugs does so in a safe and sanitary manner to reduce the risk of infection and blood-borne viruses (BBV). We offer a free, in-house needle exchange program for those who inject drugs. This includes:

  • a variety of syringes
  • a lock-box for you to take home which keeps your drugs and paraphernalia from children’s reach
  • Naloxone – a drug that can reverse the effects of opioids, and prevent death if used within a short period following an opioid overdose. Read more about Naloxone here, and contact us if you’d like a ten minute training session and a kit of your own.
  • Safer injecting (please download our leaflet for more information)

Hospital Liaison

Our Hospital Liaison team enhances the quality and efficiency of services for patients with substance misuse problems in hospital. They provide engagement, referrals, information, and appropriate treatment. Early engagement is proven to minimise complications.

Criminal Justice

We assist those who are moving through the criminal justice system, and need help with their alcohol and drugs misuse, setting them on the path to recovery and desistance. We support and work alongside CRC Bench and the MPS Probation. We work out of police custody, supporting people after arrest to move them into fast-track treatment. We work with all prisons across the country, supporting Service Users back into community drug and alcohol treatment upon release from prison. Our ultimate aim is to reduce reoffending.


Make Contact

2-12 Victoria Street, Luton LU1 2UA

Email: resolutions.info@cgl.org.uk

ResoLUTiONs: 0800 054 6603
ResoLUTiONs Recovery Hub: 01582 965 123

My one on one sessions have really helped me to understand addiction more and how to help myself handle my situation and how to look after myself first.  Without my one on one sessions, I would not have coped.

Family, Friends and Carers team

The sessions during lunch time were a huge success. The students really showed an interest with all year groups coming to find out more information. A great service. Thank you for your time.

Jo Rogerson

Ashcroft High School

ResoLUTiONs helped me get my life back on track, and I’ll be eternally grateful for the support and guidance I have received. Recovery is a long and difficult journey, but only you can make that first step.

Service User

I am so excited for the next part of my life. I am truly blessed that they worked so hard to get me here. Thank you so much.

Service User

''ResoLUTiONs played a vital role in my recovery. The group work was a total turning point. I made myself a promise to not go back to where I was.''

Service User

‘’18 months ago I walked into the hub almost broken. I spent every day here in my corner. Gradually with the on-going support of staff and people I turned my life around. I have grown as a person and I can truly say the hub saved my life.’’

Service User

At first like all things, I was very nervous about coming to the hub, but I think it’s now been 7 months and I am feeling more relaxed with talking to people, I feel more confident and I am feeling happy and content. I am recovering at the Hub. Thank you.’’

Service User

‘’The Hub has helped me through my recovery, found my place and community where I can feel safe away from temptation and falling into my old way. Glad to also help others as well.’’

Service User