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If you want to talk to someone about your drug/alcohol use or about the drug/alcohol use of a loved one, please call 01582 483117 or 01582 439480.

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Please note these services are only open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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What is ResoLUTiONs?

ResoLUTiONs is the new drug and alcohol treatment pathway in Luton. We support you from dependence to a life free from alcohol and drugs.

ResoLUTiONs – your pathway to a life free from alcohol and drugs.

Supporting adults, young people and their families with individual care plans, access to the right services and support to keep you on track and help you build a better future.

New provider

The charity change, grow, live (CGL) will be running the ResoLUTiONs service in Luton from 1 April 2017. The service will provide support for local people and their families around alcohol and drug use. Services will include health and wellbeing interventions, assessment and recovery planning, training and education, recovery support and substance misuse training for local organisations.

Services will be accessible in venues across the borough. Read more.


I have always been shy and introverted and alcohol allowed me to feel less inhibited and more comfortable in social situations. The downside to my alcohol use was once I started to drink I found it difficult to stop which meant I often made a fool of myself and/or left myself in vulnerable situations.

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My name is Majid Mahmood. I am 34 years old and am a volunteer for GOAL group. I have been an addict for nearly 20 years. I can clearly remember at the age of 12-13 I was smoking cigarettes. At 14 I was smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol.

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My name is Abda and I’m the secretary of the GOAL group. I am not a user but rather a volunteer worker. Now, you’re probably wondering what am I doing here? Well, I’m the mother of 2 teenage kids and due to them I found myself in an unfamiliar and somewhat scary situation.

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